Hi, I’m Sarah.

I started this blog as a space to share open, honest and down-to-earth discussion about navigating some of life’s biggest changes.

A lot of what I talk about is parenting, as that currently consumes a lot of my time and effort. But also career changes, creating a home, building a relationship, becoming a “grown up”, and so on.

Two things have driven me to share my own experience:

Firstly, I’ve felt ill-prepared for many of these big changes. And, speaking to friends afterwards, I’m not alone in that. Exchanging stories helps me feel less anxious, guilty or upset about all sorts of things, and I hope that others will relate.

Secondly, some of the barmy stuff that goes on in my life might just be the levity someone needs on a tough day. For example, to know that my child rage-vommed a perfectly good sandwich into her own hands…

I hope this can be a two-way street, so please get in touch, follow me on social media and join in the discussion to share your own stories.