Review – Jaques of London wooden toys

I love wooden and traditional toys for many reasons. They are more sustainable than plastic toys, less annoying than noisy, flashing toys and promote the imaginative and independent play I love to see in my children. Plus they do look lovely on the toy shelf! So, when Jaques of London kindly sent us some toys to review I was overjoyed.

Jaques is an old family business, passed down through six generations, dedicated to creating quality toys and games which don’t rely on screen time. I tend to use TV and tablets to keep the kids quiet when I have a job needs doing. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! But having toys that keep them engaged means I have another option and don’t have to rely just on screens. That’s a huge win for me. I’ve always tried to encourage open-ended play as well. It’s easy to forget, as an adult, how much we’ve been primed and trained to use objects for their intended use. But children still have that wonderful ability to turn even the simplest objects into the most exciting games. It’s such a delight to watch them discover toys which allow them to play freely.

And the kids love them too. Carys received the Kids Easel, which has whiteboard and chalk sides and comes with chalks, whiteboard pens and cups to store everything in. She spent ages drawing on the easel, chatting away to herself. It is adjustable height so will last for ages, and easy to adjust so it can be folded and stored when not in use. The rubber it comes with actually does clean it, unlike others we’ve tried which just smudge everything into a mess!

Alastair received the Dinosaur Car Park which was an instant hit. He is developing his fine motor skills at the moment so he loves picking up the cars and trying to place them the right way round at the top of the track. We play together and talk about the colours too, just to introduce some new vocabulary. Carys loves to join in too and bring out the dinosaurs, using her wild imagination to make up stories and we can all practise our best dinosaur roars!

Based on how beautiful, fun and quality these toys are, you’d think they cost an arm and a leg. But I was pleasantly surprised that they really don’t. And, even better, you can get 15% off by signing up here.

Thank you one again to Jaques of London for gifting us these toys for review. See more toys for 4 year olds here and more dinosaur toys here

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