This has been a bit of a long time coming. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing for some time and really excited to finally get started. My aim is to provide an open, honest, relatable and supportive account of adapting to some of life’s biggest changes.

For me, those changes have principally been building a career, buying and moving home, getting married and having children. Many of these changes have come in quick succession and I’ve felt overwhelmed and underprepared at times. It can be easy to feel like you should already know how to cope with ‘growing up’ or that everyone else seems to be doing it better than you.

This blog will explore the topics that I’ve found provoke discussion again and again, hopefully to provide some solace to others feeling the same way. Every family is different, but there are things we can do and learn to lift each other up and help promote a healthier balance between parent life, individual life, work life and social life.

I find it hard to introduce myself without just listing my “roles” (wife, mother, daughter, sister, colleague, friend….), but I’ll attempt to do so. I’m Sarah, I live in West Berkshire, UK, with my family (more on them later) and I’m 29. I usually work in London, although from home at the moment like the rest of the world, in a Chandler-esque job at a tech consultancy. I like making things and being busy. I’m the DIY-er and planner in our house and love a project. I’m an extrovert, but a bit of a dork. I’m a home bird and family come first, I’ve never lived more than 50 miles away from my hometown and now live in just the next village.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and I’d love for you to get involved! Head over to my Instagram to join the conversation there or drop me an email to talk about guest posts or working together.

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